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Our 8-year-old decided that grain elevators were awesome (I think they learned about them in school or something), and so we made a little family trip to visit our own local grain elevator. It’s one of 3 that used to serve our community, and this one has been preserved as a museum.



So I took a few photos of our outing together, since I wanted to give you an idea of the sort of area where I live. The next photo shows my son looking up at the grain elevator, so you get an idea of the size.



And then there is Yours Truly, hanging out with old machinery. 😉


And proof of my husband’s existence, because he was behind the camera this day. We sure love him. ❤


And there you have it–a day out with the Johns family, educating ourselves about grain elevators, all because our 8-year-old has a new passion. 😉