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I love our newest hardware store. We have two others in town, but this one… oh, this hardware store is fantastic! It is possible to develop feelings for your local hardware store, especially when you see the variety!

First of all, if you ride horses, you could buy your tack there! Not even joking. Here is picture proof:


Or, you know, if you needed ear tags for your cattle, or bottles for your calves… Things come up!




But even more exciting were the baby chicks they had on sale. Our son pleaded for a chicken. He was denied. As cool as this store is, we personally live in an apartment, and there is no room for a chicken.



If you were interested in trapping gophers, you could also pick up a few traps… there are tools for just about any project you might have, chicken coops (which wouldn’t surprise you since they sell actual chickens), and the largest wrench I’ve seen in my life:


I’m not entirely sure what I’d fix with that, but I’d be willing to try my hand at something, just to use it! (The fact that it’s too heavy for me to wield with one hand is beside the point…)

So there you have it–the coolest store in town, hands down. I drop by and wander through just for the sheer enjoyment.

The things I do when not actively writing… 😉