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I’m new to the world of smart phones, so when I got a flat tire on my way to the dentist (yes, my day was actually that bad!), it didn’t occur to me that I could look at my exact location along the side of the highway to tell the CAA dispatcher.

And I guessed wrong. I wasn’t actually where I thought I was, which I figured out about 45 minutes into my wait while I was fiddling with my phone in boredom.


So I sat for a full hour at this spot on the highway, waiting for rescue. It felt a little pathetic, really. I should be able to change my own tire, but it was very close to traffic whipping by at 100 Km/hr, so I figured I’d just wait it out. Besides, when I suggested that I give it a whirl to Mr. Johns when I called him, his response was, “Don’t be a hero. This is why we have CAA.” His confidence in my tire changing skills was a little lower than my own. 😉

The tow truck driver found me. He changed my tire. No, it was not a romance novel kind of moment–the tow truck driver was skinny and efficient, and I am very, very married. 😉 My dentist even waited for me and fixed my broken tooth.

And that is why I didn’t get any writing done on Tuesday… It made me even more grateful than I usually am for uneventful days where I hole up with my computer, writing stories. Real life adventure is highly overrated!*


*However, it does provide blog posts… 😉