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I’ve been thinking Christmas thoughts… I know, I know, summer has barely begun, but I’ve caught myself humming Christmas carols already. I’m obnoxiously rubbing off on Mr. Johns, too, who has also started humming Christmas carols. They’re like yawns–one person starts and there is no stopping the chain reaction.

I remember being about ten (and apparently very bored one summer) because I decided to put together a puppet concert entitled “Christmas in July.” So it looks like this is not a new development in my character–it goes way back! 😉

So the other day while I was standing barefoot in my kitchen slicing watermelon and humming “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear,” I realized that I have good reason to look forward to Christmas this year. I’ve got a Christmas book coming out!

If you enjoyed HER STUBBORN COWBOY, then you’ll love THE COWBOY’S CHRISTMAS BRIDE coming out November 2016. This is Andy Granger’s story–the prodigal cowboy who comes home to the mess he walked away from three years earlier. Chet and Mack are in the city having  twins, and Andy is running the cattle drive for his brother while he’s away. He hadn’t counted on riding herd with the one woman who hates him most…