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This is the current state of my writing space. I have an 8-year-old son who, like most 8-year-olds, loves Lego. And this picture doesn’t even show all of the Lego, which spreads a ways left.


The Lego playing starts at approximately 6 am when he gets up, and it’s picked up once during the day for precisely 7 minutes while I vacuum… after which, it gets dumped again. Because how else is he supposed to find his pieces? (It’s a persuasive argument.) Once I’ve vacuumed and the Lego gets dumped again, I have no more fight left so the Lego stays there until the next daily vacuum.

Apparently, the best Lego playing surface is right next to my desk, and after a few days of stepping on errant Lego pieces, I gave up and retreated to the bedroom. So that’s where the writing has been happening this summer… in fact, that’s where I’m typing this up right now!

I’m looking forward to the start of school when I can get my writing space back again. 🙂 I miss my desk.