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When I was a little girl, I discovered Royal Doulton figurines. They got seared into my young mind as the ultimate in elegance and “grownup lady-ness.” I do remember at one point reaching out to touch one (in a store, perhaps?) and my mother exclaiming, “No! Do you know how much those cost?” And ever after, I thought that the height of success and glamor lay on those figurines.

So last Christmas, my mom sent me my very first figurine. She didn’t realize what they meant to me, she’d just found one at a good price in a Royal Doulton outlet store, and I was so thrilled to receive it, that she just sent me a second one! (Got to love those outlet stores!)

"Hydrangea Understanding" and "Christmas Eve"

“Hydrangea Understanding” and “Christmas Eve”

And there they are–my two figurines. My eight-year-old self would be melting in pleasure. My thirty-seven year old self is rather pleased with them, too. 😉

When you were a little girl, what did “grownup lady-ness” look like to you?