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So I came across this 1:48 clip, and it was so funny that I had to show it to Mr. Johns, who also thought it was funny and passed it on…

I can’t tell you how many times Mr. Johns has said, “Hey, come sit down. It’s going to be fine,” when I was staring down a mess in the kitchen, I was already tired and everyone who ate the meal had lost interest.

And I’d say, “Fine? But who’s going to clean that?”

And he’d say all calmly, his feet already up, “Just sit. Come sit…”

Which might sound all romantic and sweet, but seriously, ladies, after the cooking, the eating, and now the sitting, who is going to clean that?!

So for all of you who have considered leaving the country to get away from the housework, this short video is for you! (There is a tiny bit of language in it, which I apologize for ahead of time. I still think it’s worth it!)


In Mr. Johns’s defense, after eleven years of marriage, he does help me clean up. He’s even been known to send me to sit down while he loads the dishwasher. 😉 What can I say? I married a keeper!