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I’m a wild flirt. I bat my eyes, give secret smiles, feel muscles, compliment… I wear perfume, put on something pretty… I flirt like crazy, but only with my  husband.

I like flirting! It’s fun, and Mr. Johns sure seems to like it. He gets to be my hero multiple times a day–carrying the heavy groceries, reaching things from the high shelf, opening jars, killing spiders. And I make it worth his while by appreciating all those little things.

It’s stuff we’d do for each other anyway. I’d still make supper, but it’s so much more enjoyable when Mr. Johns tells me how good it tastes. He’d still open the jar for me, but I’m sure it’s so much nicer when he gets kissed for his efforts. Besides, as I tell him all the time, he’s my research! When he said “I do,” he was signing on to being my hero for the rest of our lives.

For all those hero husbands out there, this clip is for you! 😉