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I got a call from my Western Romance editor offering me another three book contract.


I’m absolutely thrilled. I love writing these cowboy romances, and I’m excited to sign on for three more! So is my editor–which really makes this process fun when your editor loves your writing. She calls my books “funny, emotional and engaging.”

Now, I’m terrible at figuring out how to celebrate these things. I tend to internalize it, and I’ll trot down the street to pick up my son from school, beaming to myself in delight. This is what a happy author looks like… for the record. 😉


When the contract gets emailed to me, I’ll sign it and mail it back, and I will put those books into the lineup for me to write. And there is nothing I love more than lining up books to write… well, except maybe signing contracts.

Have a piece of cake in honor of my new contract.  I’d love to be your excellent excuse for a treat. 🙂