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A BAXTER’S REDEMPTION is coming out January 2017, and I just got my finalized cover with which to tantalize you! 😉


Isabel Baxter returns to her home town after a disfiguring accident that leaves her badly scarred. When she left, she was a beauty queen and heir to a fortune. When she returns, even her inheritance is in jeopardy. Her father has remarried a woman two years younger than his daughter who is newly pregnant, and his new wife wants the money for herself. When Isabel’s father signs over her trust fund, she has just enough money to open her own chocolate shop–something she’s wanted to do for years now. Her father thinks the idea is ridiculous and does the one thing left in his power–sends in the family lawyer to keep an eye on her and make sure that she doesn’t squander what may very well be the last money she ever sees from her father…

Enter our hero, the lawyer.


You’ll be able to buy this book online through Harlequin, Amazon, and any other e-retailer starting January 2017.