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I don’t know how many of you are church goers, but I use churches in my stories a lot, and it isn’t because I’m trying to push you into one! Churches are where things happen, my friend. People meet and get married, or people date, break up and then still see each other once a week. The people who have attended a local church for years and years have history–some of it quite juicy!

So you will notice in my books that I will often use a church setting to move my plot along, or just have some local gossip that revolves around church people.  Part of the reason for that is because churches pull together all sorts of people from all walks of life and puts them into the same building every week of the year. It makes for interesting dynamics, and definitely some personal growth! The other part is because the Johns family are church goers. Every Sunday, or as close to that as we can manage, our family drives the two minutes down the road to our local church and we sit in the same pew where we always sit.

If you’re a church goer, you might find these memes funny! If you aren’t, you might get a glimpse into a different social scene.

Either way, enjoy!



















Have a wonderful week! And if I’m your local romance writer… I just might see you at church!   😉