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This Thanksgiving was all about the grazing. I made our dinner Friday evening so that we could eat leftovers all weekend. It’s the perfect way to make sure that Mom gets a bit of a break, too! (And I make that sound like I do this all the time, but it only occurred to me this year, and I feel very clever about the discovery. 😉 )



There I am, in all my glory, carving the turkey for my family. I put my 8 year-old to work in the  kitchen this year, and the result was delicious. Mr. Johns got home from work and sat down to turkey dinner…

And then we crashed. Turkey coma is a beautiful thing.

We also got our first snowfall this Thanksgiving. An early October snowfall certainly won’t stick around, but I do love that first skiff of snow. It makes indoors so cozy and pleasant with my very favorite people.  ❤


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!