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I recently turned 38. All I wanted for my birthday this year was a Sugar Baby apron. They are just so cute! And considering how much time I spend in an apron, shouldn’t it be adorable? This was my argument, at least. Apparently, I’m at the age where name brands matter in my aprons, but not much else. LOL

So Mr. Johns got me one.  ❤

Unfortunately, I didn’t take into account that when Mr. Johns took my picture, that I’d be absolutely exhausted. A full day of writing (deadlines, you know!), then a birthday dinner tend to take the sparkle out of a girl. At some point I’ll get Mr. Johns to try again, but you’d probably rather just see the honest photo, wouldn’t you?

So I’m posting this picture anyway. This is your local, 38-year-old Harlequin author in her Sugar Baby apron. Tired, but happy.



Happy birthday to me. 🙂