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Being a mom is a balance between comfort and kindness and lighting a fire under small bottoms. I don’t get to be the good guy too often. If there is discipline to be handed out, it’s probably going to come from Mom. (Dad’s the fun one.)

Kids are notorious for putting out the unvarnished truth in their artwork. So when my son drew this picture, I was wildly relieved that THIS is how he sees me!



I’m making popcorn on the stove, he’s informed me, and apparently singing merrily in the process. I DO make a lot of popcorn. Everyone loves popcorn, and it’s our go-to snack. I loved this picture because this is how popcorn-making Mom looks to him. Maybe not to anyone else. But to him.

Luckily he didn’t draw lecture-giving Mom. She’s bound to be significantly less lithe and joyful. 😉

Sometimes we just have to see ourselves through the eyes of the people who love us.