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My answer is that I’d rather teleport anywhere.

It would save a ton of money on gas, I could visit family across the country any time I liked and be back by supper time, and I could go find a nice sunny beach when the weather gets miserable here.

Plus, I don’t think I’d like to hear everyone’s thoughts. First of all, we kind of have that already on Facebook… I’d say that I’d be afraid of hearing people’s real thoughts about me and not being able to handle that harsh reality, but I don’t think there would be very many actual thoughts that concerned me, personally, at any given time. Mostly, people think about their pets, what they’ll eat next and politics.

I mean, reading minds does have the potential of giving me all sorts of new story fodder… and that IS tempting, but I like quiet. Reading minds seems like it would be noisy all the time, and that would make me grouchy. I’d rather make up what’s inside people’s minds.

Teleport! My final answer.

What about you? Which would you rather?