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My grandmother died in her fifties, so I never did see what she’d look like as an old woman. My mother is sixty this year (yes, she had me young!), so she isn’t exactly elderly yet, either. And I am the spitting image of both my mother and grandmother. Those were some strong genes… But I have no idea what these genes look like in their 70’s or 80’s. I don’t know why this has become such a preoccupation with me, but it has. I wish I knew!

As a result, I’m intrigued by how people age. Take Helen Mirren, for example:



Helen Mirren is more beautiful today (in my opinion) than she was in her youth.

Take Judi Dench:



She’s the same.

Youth IS beautiful–it always has been. But there is a different kind of beauty that shines from deeper down in more mature women that makes me stop and think I want that. It’s the kind of beauty that is earned. It’s not about features or makeup so much as it’s about who she is, who she’s chosen to be over the years. Its accumulates, and then shines through the eyes.

My mom has that kind of beauty. It starts deeper down, and the older she gets, the more visible it is. She’s worked hard, loved hard. She’s achieved, too! But life has softened and deepened her in a way that only time can do. You can see the difference in our eyes, can’t you?

My mom and I

My mom and I

Maybe it’s Maybelline? Maybe not! Maybe it’s decades of experience, perseverance and passion! Maybe it’s a life of loving well. And a little face cream, my mother would argue. You can never go wrong with a little moisturizer. 😉 She’s practical that way.