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It’s very difficult to dedicate yourself wholly to your work while your family is on vacation. I have deadlines coming up, so I couldn’t take the first week of January off of writing. (Nor did I want to, truth be told. After taking the week of Christmas off, I was really ready to get back to it.) I’m a bit of a finicky writer. I can’t stay sane without writing, but I also require silence in order to do it. The answer? The library!


So that is me finally conquering that first blank page for a Christmas novel that will be released end of this year. I use the Silent Room at our local library, and shut the door. When I came back home to my vacationing family a few hours later, we were all happier for it. 😉

January is a busy month writing-wise, but it’s easier to handle when I get the apartment to myself for six blissfully silent hours a day. So by the time this posts, we’ll be back to our regular routine around here, and it will be wonderful!

Anyone else glad to be back to routine again after the holidays?