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Hugs are good for our health. That isn’t really a newsflash, is it? We’ve known it for a long time where it concerns babies’ health, but it applies to us women, too. Hugs raise the levels of oxitocin in our bodies and lower cortisol, the stress hormone. This is particularly good for our cardiac health. The beneficial effects of hugs are more strongly noted in women–which doesn’t surprise me in the least!


In the Johns house, you’ll hear me say, “I haven’t been hugged yet, or anything!” on a daily basis. That’s the cue for my husband and son to come give me a squeeze. The ten seconds it takes to give someone a hug really doesn’t affect the daily schedule at all, and no matter how much rushing about is happening, I’m pretty sure that ten seconds can be spared.

Hugs bond us. They improve our health. They’ve even been shown to boost immunity so that we get sick less often!

So if you haven’t hugged someone lately, go find the curmudgeon you share your home with and give him a squeeze. Or your dog. Or your cat. Or that particularly huggy lady at church… It’s good for us!