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Writing a Christmas book in January is a different kind of challenge. If you recall, I have two Christmas novels coming out at the end of this calendar year–one with Heartwarming and one with Western Romance. I wrote one of them during the 2016 Christmas season. That was ideal–I was already there emotionally, as was pretty much everyone else. It’s easy to write Christmas during the season, but this novel (the second Christmas release for 2017) will have to be written this month, weeks after the tree has come down.

Fortunately, I live in a winter wonderland, so at least I have a nice, snowy winter outside my window for inspiration, and being the big Christmas fan that I am, I’ve managed to summon up some belated Christmas spirit.


Most of the Christmas novels you’ll be enjoying come October, November and December won’t have been written during the season. We authors take that hit for you, so that your reading can be pleasurably timed.

It’s winter. I can do this. 😉