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So this month, A BAXTER’S REDEMPTION was released. I loved writing this book, and I’ve gotten really great response from readers who enjoyed it just as much as I did, it seemed! That’s a great feeling for a writer. We pour so much of ourselves into a book, that having readers really enjoy it makes it all worthwhile.

So if you haven’t had the chance to read it, you can still pick up a copy!





But I also have another release coming in February! This one is for the Western Romance line, and it falls into my Hope, Montana series. If you’ve been waiting to find out what happens to Brody Mason, your wait is over!


Brody Mason needs a nurse. As soon as he can walk again, he’ll leave Hope, Montana, and go straight back to the army. But Kaitlyn Harpe? That’s adding insult to injury. Not just because she’s a daily reminder that Brody’s fiancée, Kate’s sister, married his best friend while he was fighting in Afghanistan. But because Kaitlyn had kept the truth from him. 

The Kaitlyn he knew before he deployed would never have perpetuated a lie like that. But this new person—the confident, beautiful woman with hidden depths in her eyes—is nothing like the shy, serious girl he knew. This Kaitlyn troubles him. Because Brody is starting to wonder if he proposed to the wrong sister… 




This one will be on the bookshelves for February wherever you buy your Harlequins. I can’t wait to go book stalking. 😉