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I stumbled across this story, and while it happened something like 5 years ago, Staff Sgt. Eddie Peoples is the kind of guy who would make a great hero in one of my books.


Mr. Peoples was back from deployment, and he and his two little boys were in a bank when a robber came in waving a gun around and demanding money. Mr. Peoples was no ordinary bank customer that day. He was used to a whole new level of danger, and he wasn’t scared. He told his boys to get under chairs, and he proceeded to put furniture in front of them. When the robber threatened to shoot one of the boys, and Mr. Peoples finally got mad.


He followed the robber out into the parking lot where he blocked the robber’s getaway vehicle. When the robber got out of the car and put a gun against his head, Mr. People’s grabbed his wrist and promptly took him down.

When asked about it later–if he were afraid–he said no, this was just a regular bad guy. He was used to war, which is far worse. Mostly he was just angry.


So that day, two little boys got to watch their daddy save the day!

This is the video, if you’d like to see it. It really is worth it to hear Mr. People’s describe it himself.