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Because I work from home, a work/life balance can be a challenge. When you work in the exact same room where you relax, your brain can get some mixed messages. It also doesn’t help that I’m a bit of a workaholic by nature…

So this is how my weekends normally go:

Friday, I fantasize. I’m tired, but I have a certain number of hours left to work (read: time when I’m alone without interruption) and am determined to make the most of them. I spend all of Friday writing hard and looking forward to my weekend off, which I’m sure I’ll thoroughly enjoy. Netflix. Naps! It’ll be glorious.


Saturday, I’m in denial. My brain hasn’t turned off yet from my writing week. It’s hard to just stop, and I figure that if I can do a bit more writing, I’ll be able to get ahead and it will be a good thing, right? Unfortunately, Saturday is also busy, and my time goes into my family, cooking, groceries, etc. But before I go to sleep Saturday night, I make a secret vow to sneak off and write on Sunday. And every single Saturday, I’m positive that I’ll follow through on that.

Sunday, I crash. I don’t care how fervent that Saturday night vow was, I’m wiped come Sunday morning. I put my feet up, and all those Friday afternoon fantasies come into fruition: Netflix and napping. Period.


So how about you? Do you transition into a restful weekend a little more gracefully than I do?