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Look what came in the mail! I love getting boxes of books, and this time it was my April copies of THE TRIPLETS’ COWBOY DADDY. You’ll have to forgive me looking like death warmed over. Believe it or not, I put off taking this picture because when the box arrived, I was in bed with the mother of all colds. So the picture below is actually an improvement. My husband had to go pick up the box for me, and he even took a day off of work to take care of me. It was the kind of cold that gave my 8-year-old a bit of a sore throat, and that dropped me like a plague victim. It wasn’t attractive. 😉


Anyway, my suffering aside, the books arrived, and I’m just thrilled to have them in my hot little hands. You’ll see them on the shelves in April, and I hope you’ll pick up a copy!

Stay healthy, everyone!