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I was always a person with a rather intense hobby: building a second career in a creative field. I worked a day job to pay my bills, but my evenings, weekends, days off and pretty much any free hour was devoted to building my writing career.

It paid off! I now write full time, and I’m able to devote my regular working hours to my passion instead of my off hours. And I love it! But I noticed that I no longer have a hobby, and I’ve felt this obligation to find one. My brain is used to having something rather intense waiting for me in the evenings. The problem is, I have pretty limited interests. I’ve done a lot of creative hobbies for a short period of time, but none have stuck: crocheting, quilting, painting… I even sewed a china doll once.

I went for coffee with my Harlequin author buddy who lives down the street, and she made me feel better, because she’s the same way: besides writing, she doesn’t have anything else to distract her, either. I’m not alone in this! My evenings and weekends might not involve intense focus anymore, but that’s okay! My day job provides all of that for me now. I suppose it’s all part of learning how to simmer down and just enjoy the fact that I get to write for a living now.

I’m just going to enjoy it. I’ve always said that balance was overrated, but working during the days and spending evenings and weekends with my family is actually the most balanced my life has ever been!

It just feels weird. LOL