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THE TRIPLETS’ COWBOY DADDY is coming to a store near you for April, and I couldn’t be more excited! In fact, you can buy it now through Harlequin, if you’d like to read it early… I’ve gotten some great feedback from readers on this one already, so I really think you’ll like it.

In preparation for it’s official April release, here is an excerpt:


“I’d call a garage.”

A garage. Yeah, right. A garage was for quitters. Any cowboy with a lick of self-respect knew how to fix his truck, and only when it was halfway flattened did he lower himself to calling in a mechanic.

“You’re going to be my boss one day,” he said. “I might as well make nice now.”

She rolled her eyes. “We’ll be in our sixties by then.”

She had a point. It’d likely be years before her mother grew too feeble to actually run this place. And she’d told him before that she wasn’t living for a funeral. But if she settled down with her mom at the main house, he’d be fixing her truck for a long time to come as her employee. Did he mind that?

“You should stick around,” he said, shooting her a grin. “You’d enjoy fighting with me more often.”

“I thought you said you’d make nice,” she countered.

“Yeah, how long can that last?” he asked with a low laugh. “I’m not sixteen anymore, Nora.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Me, neither.”

The she disappeared from the window. He stood there looking up at the billowing curtains for a moment before he smiled to himself and scrubbed his hand once more with the rag. Some things didn’t change, like the way Nora could fix him to the spot with a single look… but she was no teen angel anymore. She was a grown woman with a woman’s body and a woman’s direct gaze. He wasn’t a kid anymore, either, and he wasn’t at her beck and call. This had been about a job–a truck on this ranch that needed work. That was it.