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My new Authorial Glasses are only authorial because I’m an author… They certainly don’t have that I-think-deep-thoughts-and-write-books kind of look. I had some more authorly glasses before, but I got tired of the dark frames, and this time around went for a lighter pair. In my humble opinion, I think I look like an accountant.


I’m not normally a person who puts a lot of effort into looking authorly, but I did for this picture. I thought it was high time I had some photos where I looked less casual and a little more professional. (Mostly because the other author photos I had looked great, but weren’t a high enough density for Harlequin’s purposes, and I couldn’t find the original files.)

So here I am, complete with my less authorial new glasses.

Unfortunately, my glasses won’t back me up. You’ll just have to believe me: I write books. Lots of them.  😉