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Somewhere around New Years, Mr. Johns lost his wedding ring.

And that began three months of searching. We thought through all sorts of theories, looked everywhere, prayed that we’d come across it, and after a couple of weeks of that, bought another one. It was a second hand band–since we were still holding out hope of finding his “real” ring–and we carried on.

Well, this spring when all the ice melted, guess what Mr. Johns found under the ice in our parking stall…


His ring!

It’s his “real” ring, the one we said our vows over, and the one we chose together when we were excitedly planning our life together. The original ring matters–to me, at least.

I’ve seen couples who have done very well for themselves who still wear their original wedding rings–tiny chips of diamonds and all. And I understand that! There is something about the original rings that reminds you of where you came from, and of all those first fluttering feelings when you fell in love.

But there are also couples who have upgraded their rings as they’ve come up in life, so I know that not everyone feels the same way I do.

So what about you–do the original rings matter to you?