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For those of you on Goodreads, I have a giveaway that’s starting today (May 2-May 16) for one three free copies of THE RUNAWAY BRIDE!



Damsel in distress… or veiled threat?

Bernadette Morgan left her cheating fiance moments before they were supposed to marry in the society wedding of the year. Now she’s stuck in Runt River, Ohio, with a broken-down car and a tattered wedding dress. All she wants is a place to hide. But what she finds are a handsome mechanic, a little boy and family secrets that could change everything. Because the toddler Liam Wilson’s raising is actually her cousin’s child. And she’ll do anything to protect him from her politically ambitious family, even if that means rejecting the possibility of love with Liam…

So if you’d like to win, now is the time to enter. And please feel free to share this with any friends who might be interested in a sweet romantic read. ❤