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The Johns family has allergies. We’re allergic to ALL the good stuff, and I pretty much have to cook from scratch. Luckily, I work from home, so while food is baking/boiling/broiling or whatnot, I can be at the kitchen table clattering away on my newest novel. (I burn things a lot this way, but that’s a subject for another blog post…)

So anyway, I’m often on the prowl for something new to feed my family because our options are pretty limited. And then one day not so long ago, an idea occurred to me that felt like a stroke of genius.

I told my friend, “I’ve discovered something so delicious! I cut up chicken into little chunks, and I dip them in egg. Then I roll them in gluten-free bread crumbs and put a little sprinkle of salt on top. Then I put them on an oily pan–like a really oily pan!–and I bake them. They turn out so good! My family loves Little Breaded Chicken Chunks.”


So I made my Little Breaded Chicken Chunks tonight, and I looked down at them and realized something:

I’d invented chicken nuggets. My friend must have been too kind to tell me!

But I come by this sort of thing honestly. My mother served us Garbanzo Bean Spread for all of my growing up years. She’d “invented” it herself one afternoon when she was bored and desperate for something different to eat. I was an adult before I realized it was actually just hummus! It was about the same time that SHE discovered it was just hummus, too. 😉

So there you have it… My cooking prowess. Luckily, I have other talents.