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I don’t multi-task well. At least not in the kitchen, and probably not other places, either, but it’s most evident in the kitchen.

Now, since our family is an allergy family (which means I have to cook our food from scratch), I spend a lot of time writing my books from the kitchen table while food cooks on the stove. The theory behind this is that I’m close by to make sure things don’t burn…

I burn pots to black more often than I care to admit. The  multi-tasking? Not so much.


Anyway, I came across this tip online for cleaning off blackened pots, and not only is it easy, but it works beautifully!

Put lemon juice or a chopped up lemon in the blackened pot and add water. Then stick it on the stove and boil for five minutes. Et, voila! Everything slides right off.

Sure saves the days and days of soaking and scouring that I’ve been used to. And I thought you might find it useful, too… You know, for those blackened pots you don’t admit to. 😉