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My aunt is a talented quilter, and the other day I got a nice, squishy package in the mail from her… I didn’t even have to open it yet to have a little squeal. I knew what it was!

So this is the gorgeous, hand-made lap quilt my aunt sent to me, and I thought I’d share a picture so you can be proud of her, too. Can you imagine the work that went into this?


This is an Irish Chain pattern.

my quiltI’ve made one quilt in my life–a checkerboard block quilt that I sewed by hand when my son was a toddler. It’s nowhere NEAR as beautifully stitched as my aunt’s… And it took me about two years to complete it. We use it a lot in our home, and every time someone (and by someone I mean my son) walks on it, I say, “Do you know how long that took me to make?!”

My aunt is much more skilled than I am, but I have an appreciation for the work that goes into a quilt. When someone gives a quilt–that’s love.