This summer, I HAD to get some new summer dresses. My old ones were starting to look ratty, and they had to be replaced. So to encourage myself, I emptied my wardrobe, then went shopping.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything… I bought a few things, brought them home and Mr. Johns made a face.

Me: What do you think?

Mr. Johns: Um… very nice.

Me: Really?

Mr. Johns: …

So I returned said items (which I wasn’t excited about anyway) and we went shopping at a dress shop in the city that sells 50’s style dresses. I’ve always longed for one.

So we did buy some dresses–two, to be exact. 🙂 And below is a photo of one of them from Sunday afternoon.


When Mr. Johns saw me in this one, I got a “Wow.” 😉 That was the kind of reaction I’d been hoping for.