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I’m so excited about my newest release, THE RUNAWAY BRIDE. I’m particularly proud of this story–it came together so beautifully, and I really think you’ll love it!

Harlequin Heartwarming novels are available online only, so be sure to pick up a copy at your favorite e-tailer. ❤ If you click on the cover, it will bring you straight to the Harlequin website.

So without further ago, my newest Harlequin release, out this month:



Damsel in distress…or veiled threat? 

Bernadette Morgan left her cheating fiancé moments before they were supposed to marry in the society wedding of the year. Now she’s stuck in Runt River, Ohio, with a broken-down car and a tattered wedding dress. All she wants is a place to hide. But what she finds are a handsome mechanic, a little boy and family secrets that could change everything. Because the toddler Liam Wilson’s raising is actually her cousin’s child. And she’ll do anything to protect him from her politically ambitious family, even if that means rejecting the possibility of love with Liam…




Review from AK Mystery Mom on Amazon: 5 Stars

“Loved this story of a privileged American princess who discovers minutes before her wedding that her groom is cheating on her. She decides to flee, a reaction that doesn’t sit well with her family and their political aspirations. She runs to an aunt, the black sheep of the family, and stumbles into the life of her aunt’s neighbor who is trying to do the right thing about an orphaned (sort-of) two-year-old. The child is adorable, and so are the main characters in this reverse Cinderella story. This one left me smiling.”