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I hate sun. I burn easily, and even if I slather on enough sun screen to protect my skin, I end up with a pounding headache and an upset stomach when I get overheated. I’m fragile that way. I seriously wouldn’t have survived being anything but a lady of leisure if I was born in a different time. And even then…

umbrellaAnyway, I live in a smallish town without a lot of shade, and the walk to my son’s school is a hot one. Then I sit outside with a friend while our kids play on the playground together, and then walk home again–a total of an hour and a half in blazing sunlight. So I have a solution–an umbrella!

Yes, I look like an idiot–as you can see in the selfie I took for your benefit. I simply had to embrace that. But it’s functional! I carry portable shade with me, and for as dumb as I look, once I get to the desert that is the playground, everyone gathers under the shade of my umbrella. So I’m doing something right. And when I get home, I’m not overheated. It’s a beautiful solution!

I’ve noticed a couple of other people doing the same thing from time to time, and I wonder if I haven’t started something. “I saw some lady doing this the other day, and it seemed like a good idea…” Either that, or they’re ignoring me as hard as I’m ignoring them, and none of us care what we look like so long as we’ve got shade.

It’s probably the latter. 😉