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I have two more weeks of writing in beautiful, uninterrupted silence. Then school ends, and it’ll be a little noisier around here!

But I thought I’d share a couple of pictures so you can see my happy spot. This is my view from my lazy boy chair where I do the  majority of my writing lately.

balcony 2

I had the birds outside that afternoon so they could get some fresh air. I think they feel a combination of fear for their lives and the thrill of not being dead yet out there, because they’re always so happy to come back inside! LOL! But I’m convinced that some fresh air is good for them… and a little adventure never hurt, right?

I’m really enjoying my petunias this year. They’re so hearty. This is them a couple of days after a hail storm, to boot. They just grow and grow–the perfect flowers for me. I really can’t take much credit for them. They flourish in spite of me. And in spite of the hail, apparently.

balcony 1

This is the view I’m enjoying this summer. 🙂 I hope you’ve carved out some beauty for yourself, too. ❤