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I stumbled across this story about a couple who’d spent $80,000 on their dream wedding, only to have their best man hijack the day and propose to his girlfriend… mid-ceremony!

Apparently, the best man was also the officiant, and he went on to talk about his future with his new fiancee, instead of focusing on the couple actually getting married. He also requested a dance for himself and his own bride-to-be alone on the dance floor during the reception. That’s a lot of gall, I have to say.


But here’s my question: on a scale of 1-10, how mad would you be?

Public_bathroom_toiletI think I’d be about a 2, and here’s why–we had a really cheap wedding! I really think the money factors in. Mr. Johns and I decided to get married… and did. It was a tiny wedding, the goal of which was to get hitched. I don’t remember the vows, or much of anything detail-wise. I was just excited to be married to my guy. In fact, my most vivid memory of the day was being locked in a public bathroom with my husband at the restaurant where we were having our reception, and us saying to each other, “We’re married! Can you believe it?” A bathroom. So if one of our 8 guests had proposed during my wedding, I don’t think it would have phased me a whole lot.

Now, if I’d put off my wedding for several years, planned the perfect wedding and spent $80 K on it, I might have been more annoyed. And while the best man was really lacking in social graces, I’m of the opinion that a wedding is just one day. And you can’t control it all! Things will go wrong. Things will go right. It’s a success if you end up legally wed!

However, I may be alone in that opinion. What do you think? How mad would you be if your wedding was hijacked by a proposal?