Every day this school year, I walked my son to school and walked to pick him up. Then after school, he’d play with his friends while I chatted with my friend. Now, over the course of the school year, we noticed that we’d started matching in our dress and our cooking.

We didn’t mean to! There was no texting going on to make this happen, I swear! But 8/10 days, we’d be matching. I’d leave to go pick up my son, and I’d be wearing something that I was sure couldn’t be matched, and what do you know? We’d see each other at our meeting spot by the bench, matched right up. LOL! I’ve been joking around for weeks now that we should document this, and we finally took a picture to prove the point.


There we are with half our heads and most of our shirts. Matchy matchy.

We do the same thing with our cooking. I mean, granted, we cook with similar ingredients: chicken, beef, potatoes, pasta… But more often than not, we’d up planning very similar suppers. We spent weeks being shocked and amazed by this, but now we’ve made our peace with it. 😉

Matchy matchy.