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Anybody else cook this way? I’m not a bad cook, but I’m a forgetful one, especially when working on a project. When I’m fully focused, I can whip up some really delicious meals. In fact, Mr. Johns claims that part of the reason why he married me was for my cooking… I just have to put that in there for my own pride. LOL! But when I came across the above meme, I laughed more than I should have. 😉  Because I also check Facebook a lot.

IMG_3471_1024x1024My birthday is coming up in October, and the only thing I’ve asked for from my husband is a Sugar Baby apron. I already have one–and they are so cute! But I want another one, because I’ve used this one every single day for almost a year, and it’s starting to fade. These things happen, I suppose.

So all I want for my birthday is another one… or two. I’m not picky, and they do have a lot of great patterns! They are gorgeous aprons, and they do nothing to improve my cooking, but they do save my clothes from splatters, and when Mr. Johns comes home to see his wife in a 1950’s apron, I have a sneaking suspicion that if the above chicken happens, it’s a tiny bit more forgivable.

Maybe not a LOT more forgivable, but it tips the scales in my favor.

So if you know us, and my husband happens to mention that he’s got to buy his wife a birthday present and he seems in any way undecided about what to get me–the apron. She wants the apron.