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This book is a personal one.

Avery Southerly’s mother, Winona, always told her, “You’re a Southerly. We Southerlys are tough. We’re honest. We stick with it when times are hard. Remember who you are and where you came from.”

That little speech comes directly from my home. I give my own son that talk in a regular basis:

“You’re a Johns, son. We work hard. We do it right the first time. And we tell the truth. Even when it’s hard. Even when we’d rather not. It’s who we are. So remember who YOU are, son. You’re a Johns. That means something.”

And I dearly hope that one day, he’ll look back on his mother’s talks and remember how she instilled a sense of identity inside of him when he was still a little boy. I don’t care what society tells him. I don’t care what friends tell him. I want my words to be the strongest influence, laying down a foundation and a little voice in the back of his head. Remember who you are.

Like me, Winona Southerly put her back into her parenting! She might not have been perfect, but she loved hard…

HER COWBOY BOSS releases tomorrow in bookstores across North America, the UK and Australia! I do hope you’ll pick up a copy. It’s the story of a mother, a daughter, a biological dad and a family identity. They are the Southerlys.


Avery Southerly has finally met her biological father…sort of. Instead of properly introducing herself, she took a job as cook at her dad’s ranch in Hope, Montana. There’s just one problem: Avery can’t cook! Luckily ranch manager Hank Granger agrees to help, and things quickly begin heating up in the kitchen. 

But romance is not on the menu—Hank could be fired for fraternizing with an employee, and Avery is only in town to get answers. Then she’s headed home to Kansas, where she truly belongs. Hank is determined to help Avery discover the truth about her past. Yet the more time they spend together, all he can see is the future. He just needs to help Avery do the same!