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There is a risk you take when hanging out with a romance writer. We have to produce story after story, and the ideas have to come from somewhere.

These two books have heroines based on personal friends:

HER COWBOY BOSS   (This month’s release!)

cowboy-bossWhile I’d never use a friend’s life story, I have been known to base heroines on my friends’ appearances. For example, Avery Southerly from HER COWBOY BOSS is based (physically, at least) on a friend of mine. She’s absolutely lovely with long curly hair. I have curly hair, too, but it doesn’t hold the curl as beautifully as her spirals do, so I just go through our friendship mildly jealous. 😉  She’s a great source of information about country living having grown up on a farm, and I’ve long thought she’d make a fantastic Western heroine. When I based a heroine on her, I was going to keep that little detail to myself, but eventually I had to admit to it. There’s a certain amount of awkwardness there, but since my stories are sweet, at least I don’t have to explain a sex scene! But my friend saw the compliment in the gesture.

Boy's Christmas Wish A BOY’S CHRISTMAS WISH (comes out November 2017)

I based Beth Thomas on my writer buddy and fellow Harlequin author, Taryn Leigh Taylor. (Again, only physically.) She literally lives down the road from me, and we stumbled across each other when we got the same editor who looked at our home addresses and said, “Wait a minute…” We’ve been friends ever since, and I’ve been a not-so-secret admirer of her hair. It’s golden blonde, thick and luxurious. And when I needed to decide on this heroine’s appearance, Taryn popped to mind. And that was that. So in my writerly imagination, it was Taryn waltzing through the story–eight  months pregnant and driving the hero straight up the wall. 😉


But those are the risks you take when you’re friends with a writer. Something I like about you will end up in a book somewhere… 😉 These things happen…