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I’ve been writing hard this summer! And after a burst of hard writing, I need to take a physical break… as in do something that uses my hands. My friend came to my rescue with her fruit trees, and I volunteered to help her pick apples.


This is a picture of us atop her ladder, because what better time for a selfie? 😉 That look on my face is the cautious balance of a woman who’d really rather not fall, but needed two hands to take the photo. LOL! After this, I promise I was actual help to her. The next day I pitched in with peeling apples for her to can them.

It was definitely fun, and it gave my brain a welcome break. I’m back to work on my next manuscript now–this is the last book in my Comfort Creek Lawmen mini-series for Love Inspired. The first book, Deputy Daddy, came out this summer. The second book, The Lawman’s Runaway Bride, comes out in February 2018, and this is the third book for that series that I am currently writing. I don’t have a confirmed title for it yet, but my working title is The Lawman that Got Away.

I hope you’re all enjoying your summer!