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So I went to see my doctor the other day, and while I am quite healthy with not too much to worry about, my blood tests showed some levels that are a teensy bit high. I’m 39 in a few weeks, so this is the age that these things start to show up, I suppose. All perfectly normal.

So my doctor said, “No biggie. Just cut out cakes and stuff like that.”

Me: I don’t eat cake and stuff. I’m celiac, remember? So I just don’t bother.

Doc: Oh… What about dairy?

Me: Allergic to dairy and soy.

Doc: And SOY? Oh crap… What DO you eat?

So I told him. And the only thing he could see to remove from my diet was meat. You read that right–MEAT! So my doctor decided it would be good for me go vegetarian for a few months, “just to see if it changes anything.”

So my diet is now even more restricted, and I have to tell you… I’m not loving it.


I feel like the above meme applies to me right now… except I’m fine with carbs. I’m missing the protein!

If you read closely, in my books, I talk about food I can’t eat a lot. Grilled cheese sandwiches, pies, cakes, cookies, cheesecake, sub sandwiches, cheese in its many forms… Well, take a look at the books I write in the next few months, and I can pretty much guarantee my characters are going to be noshing down on a meat smorgasbord! LOL!

These are romance novels–our little indulgences. Let me have this.