I’m currently working on a Heartwarming manuscript that features a plus-sized heroine. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, and I finally have my chance! My reason? I don’t think that thin women have the corner market on “beautiful,” and I’m tired of plus-sized characters being depicted as women with low self-esteem who are desperate to be thin–the loyal friend, the comedic side-kick. So I’m writing Liv Hylton, my beautiful, vivacious heroine who refuses to diet. She’s opening her own bookstore, and she has plans for her future… just as soon as she can get this pesky cop out of her hair.

The hero has been attracted to her for a few years now. Now she’s single, but he’s investigating her for a criminal case, so the timing is miserable. Still, a guy can hope, right?

Normally, romance is geared toward fantasy… The womanizer who meets the one woman to tame his gallivanting ways for good, for example. Or the heroine’s pregnancy that makes the hero desperate to settle down and just raise some kids already. Realistic? Not in my experience. Fun, though! And don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy reading them because the fantasy is enjoyable.

In this respect, my story leans more towards reality. A beautiful woman of more common proportions attracts a good-looking guy’s attention. And he thinks she’s stunning! Not so far-fetched, is it? 😉