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I’m a full-time writer, but that also means that I’m the adult at home most of the time, so a lot of the housework and cooking falls to me. This isn’t a big deal when I’m puttering around thinking through a plot issue, but when the writing is flowing and I’m fingers to keyboard, my family tends to suffer a little. 😉

And lately, the writing has been going really well!

Anyway, I realized today that I’d better do some cooking or we’d all starve together. And then there was the cleaning all of us had been putting off… (I’m not the kind of mom who does it all myself. We all live here, we all mess it up, and we all clean it! Unfortunately, I’m the one who stares at it all day, so…)


This is what I did today–besides that pesky cleaning. I made a massive batch of cabbage rolls while I chatted on the phone with my good friend who also helped me to sort out a mobi file for a giveaway winner. (She’s the best!)

Massive batches of food are my secret to protecting my writing time. A morning spent making cabbage rolls will feed us for six or eight meals, because I freeze two pans of them, and keep the third pan out for immediate consumption. Then when the writing is flowing, I just pull something frozen from my freezer and that’s our dinner.

And cabbage rolls… who can complain? 😉

What’s your go-to time saver?