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My husband and I were born on different continents, and we happen to have very different skin tones. We hate talk about race in our home–it’s the one place we should be free of it. So I won’t even define us that way here. I’m very light, he’s very dark. Period.


And we love each other heart and soul. He’s my guy–the one I truly believe was created for me. Or I was created for him… you know, however you want to start that circle. 😉 We’re husband and wife, dedicated to each other for the rest of our lives.

When our son was about three, he liked to point out who the figures were in the nativity scene, and whenever he looked at ours, he’d say, “That’s the mommy,” pointing at Mary, “and that’s the daddy,” pointing at the first wise man.

I couldn’t bring myself to correct him, because really, why not? Why couldn’t that be Joseph? Especially in our home? I mean, if Mary was allowed to be blonde…

So I traded the myrrh for the lantern, and ever after, this has been how our nativity scene looks.


Apparently, Joseph has a bit of a flare for fashion, Mary is blonde, and yes, Baby Jesus is leg-less. He lost his limbs due to too much loving by our little boy over the years. 😉

This is how the Johns family does Christmas. ❤



Boy's Christmas Wish

Montana Mistletoe Baby








Christmas Bride