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Every once in a while I see something so dumb that I fume about it for days, and this time, I saw the dumbest “inspirational” line on Twitter, and I rolled my eyes so hard I nearly lost them! It was this:



Ironically, this was on an entrepreneurial Twitter feed that someone else shared. I don’t get how an entrepreneur would get anywhere at all if they didn’t chase what they wanted! I mean, they might make it appear like buying their widget was your idea, but come on… they’re chasing it night and day!

Now, I understand why people WANT to believe this. It’s appealing, isn’t it? Don’t do anything, just “elevate your game” and whatever you want will come bounding toward you like an excited puppy. This is the sort of thing a fourteen-year-old will tell you because it works well for their social lives in middle school. Ignore your peers and they’ll like you more. But in the real world, no one is waiting to chase you down with good things. Unfortunately.

Sometimes life can be incredibly unfair. There are people who have to work way harder than others to get the same outcome. There IS such a thing as privilege. But if we take the cards we’re dealt, and we’re the hardest worker in the room and don’t get distracted, our chances of success go up exponentially. Shy of a rich daddy with influential friends, there isn’t an easier path. Just plain old hard work.

For me, the most important thing is to find joy in the process. I’m grateful when good things come my way and never take it for granted. Not quite so sexy, is it? It’s hard to say “Boom” after advice like mine, but in my humble opinion, it’s more reliable.

It also doesn’t fit onto a little meme square very well. What can I say? 😉