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Back when I used to write in a diary, whenever I finished up a journal and would start a brand new one with all those milky, fresh pages, my first entry would be about what I imagined might come to pass in that journal. What surprises might be ahead? I have that same “new journal” feeling in the new year. So much is possible, and we can’t even imagine what will come our way!

There are things we know for sure:

My son will get another year older. But what will that be like? How will his personality develop? What will it be like to be the mother of a ten-year-old?

I’ll have another year of marriage with Mr. Johns. But every year we grow together in a different way that surprises me. I learn something about him, or we go through something together that sews us together a little more tightly. And that sort of thing can’t be planned or anticipated!

Last year as 2017 began, I had no idea I’d try for an agent. I had no idea I’d sign with an agent! At that point, all my hopes and dreams were pinned on Harlequin. And don’t get me wrong, I still have a significant portion of hopes and dreams pinned there, but my professional world got bigger. And that was both really exciting and totally unexpected. Every year holds a surprise, doesn’t it?

So here are my wild hopes for 2018:

–I turn forty in 2018, so I hope I discover a clothing style for my forties that doesn’t make me look like I’m trying too hard. Please!!

–My lovely agent sells my Amish book, and I start a whole, new exciting chapter in my writing career.

–I get a shocking phone call that changes my entire year for the better. ( I like a little open-ended wishing, too. )

–And to get very specific: Someone brings me an African Gray parrot that  needs a loving home, and it immediately bonds with us, so that Mr. Johns can see from the get-go that this parrot belongs in our family and he can’t say no. 😉



May 2018 be filled wonderful, unexpected good things for all of us!