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This February, the second book in my Comfort Creek Lawmen series will be released, and you can pick up a copy anywhere books are sold!

Comfort Creek, Colorada has a county-wide police sensitivity training course hosted by the local police department. This is the location where the stubborn cops being disciplined for various infractions come to “do their time.” And they generally have an option: cooperate with the Chief of Police’s unique methods and assignments, or do the book work about feelings and appropriate reactions to them in the basement. This is the best patrolled town in America!

THE LAWMAN’S RUNAWAY BRIDE comes out this February everywhere Harleqins are sold!


Winning the Lawman’s Heart

Forced to work with the woman who left his brother at the altar five years ago, police chief Chance Morgan must also face his own guilt. Sadie Jenkins’s return to town stirs feelings he thought he’d buried along with his soldier brother, who died overseas. Almost kissing Sadie the night before her wedding was a mistake—one he won’t make again. For Sadie, planning a remembrance ceremony for the town’s military men will help build her event-planning business. But working with Chance is bringing up all the emotions she once ran from. Is she ready to finally take that leap into the future…with him?

You can pick up a copy early on the Harlequin site, or wait until it hits the shelves in your local bookstore, Walmart or anywhere else you buy your Harlequins. But I do think you’ll like this one! 🙂


You can also pick up the first book in the series, if you’d like to collect them all.


A Family for the Officer 

Officer Bryce Camden never expected his two-week stint in Comfort Creek, Colorado, would mean diaper duty. But that’s exactly what happens when he stays at the local bed-and-breakfast where Lily Ellison is fostering an abandoned baby girl. Bryce is drawn to the lovely B and B owner, but being a dad is not part of his plans. His troubled past has shown him that he’s not the nurturing type. But he soon finds himself wishing he didn’t have to leave. Because Lily and the baby have taken root in his heart and made him think that maybe he could be a family man after all…