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I always find visiting my books in the wild a little awkward. Most people don’t creep up on books and then take selfies with them. It’s… weird. Unless you wrote the book, of course, but no one assumes that straight off.

So this time, I visited my book in my local Superstore grocery store. I braved a blizzard to  get out there, but I would have braved the blizzard anyway, because we needed groceries and if you stop going places just because it’s snowing northern Alberta, you’ll never go anywhere.

So there it is… all beautiful and shiny on a shelf!



Isn’t it gorgeous? ❤

And here I am taking a selfie with it… and this was a bit sacrificial on my part because a lady watched me like I was nuts, and I had to just soldier on as if this was rational and normal behaviour. Which it is… if you wrote it! Geez! No one thinks of that!



So there you have it–my lovely book is out! I hope you’ll all pick up a copy. And if you see it in the wild, snap a picture and send it to me on Facebook. 🙂 I’ll post it so everyone can see. Plus, it would seriously make my day!