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It’s March, and I’m ready for spring. Now, I’m a pretty cheerful winter person. I like snow and cold, cozy writing time and hot soup. But come March, I’m ready for some warmth. Luckily, it isn’t far away, but it feels like it during a cold snap.

This weekend, we got a blizzard. Lots of snow, lots of cold, and when I walked my son to school this morning, it was -26C. For those of you in Fahrenheit, that’s freaking cold still. And I wore out a pair of nice, warm winter boots recently with all my walking, and had to buy a new pair. In March. (That feels like such a waste!)



These are my new boots–very warm and nicely supportive. I can’t complain!

So I got home from dropping my son off, and laid down on my bed, just clearing my mind before I started my writing day, and I heard a noise outside. It was that cheerful, rumbling motor sound, and while my logical brain knew it was a snowblower, when I closed my eyes… that was a lawnmower!

I just lay there for a few minutes listening to it and imagining the flowers I wanted to put into my planters on my balcony.


I’m ready for spring.